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Through a scrumptious bite and a joyful sip, it carves out a memorable celebration that never ceases to amaze you.


The time you spend with us will be a time well-spent, and the moment that you share together with your friends, family, and lovers, will be a life-changing one.

Because at the end of the day, it is always about getting the best out of everything.  And the best of everything could surely be found here, in Ateria.



About Us


With more than 30 locations close at hand, Ateria was born from passion for extraordinary lifestyle and we are ready to bring the next big thing to the table.


We are passionate for the finer things in life, crafting an elevated dining concepts driven by flavor and eager to enrich everyone’s lifestyle experience.


From farm to kitchen and all the way to your very table, each plate that is served holds a soulful element that will touch your heart and awaken your five senses.

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Our Vision


“To become the pioneer in bringing an exquisite arrays of well-curated lifestyle and global F&B brands to Indonesia.”

Not only it yields the best quality, it is a life-changing moment that touches your soul. We aim toward becoming everyone’s top of mind by providing them with the most-sought lifestyle and F&B brands.



Our Mission


“To enrich the soul of Indonesian customers through an influential and life-changing gourmet experience.

Our mission is the embodiment of “a life that is enriched” that rings forever in one’s mind. Each of our brands that you sip and savor will be a timeless experience that brings & connects people globally.

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Our Motto

" Winning


    Winning "


Winning For


Ensuring our consumers to be connected and enriched through our brand experiences.

Winning For


Fostering community’s well-being through partnerships that propels long-term sustainability.

Winning For


Unlocking our team's potential provide a place where employees can grow and strive in achieving our vision and mission together.

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Treating up-and-coming lifestyle and forward-thinking F&B concepts as an open door leading to opportunities.

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Providing products and services that bring a life-changing experiences to the market.

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Embracing technology to offer hassle-free dining service from the comfort of your home or from anywhere.

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