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Eat Wide Awake


SaladStop! was founded in November 2009 and is one of the fastest-growing, scalable quick-service concepts in Singapore. It is currently Asia’s leading nutrition, health, and wellness company serving the best tasting, most nutritious salads and wraps. To pursue a lifestyle fuelled toward healthy eating through a diverse selection of flavors, tailored by our in-house nutritionists, our dishes are always made with freshly harvested ingredients that we set up early morning in our restaurant.

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See the world through coffee


% Arabica Coffee Roaster & Farm is a world-renowned specialty coffee brand from Kyoto, Japan. Driven by our guiding principle to be UNIQUE, we constantly produce an amazing cup of coffee. We yield the best coffee experience by using only well-curated coffee beans in each batch selection. Our coffee beans are roasted with a high-tech Tornado King machine, brewed with the finest Slayer Espresso machine, and prepared with top-tier coffee equipment, Chemex. Voila, an amazing cup of coffee is ready to be served.

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Nourish To Flourish

Grains of Glory

It is in our nature to look for glory. People can spend their entire lives seeking for glory simply because they crave an ideal lifestyle that’s worth living. Grains of Glory helps people to achieve an ideal healthy lifestyle by offering variety of food that center around the nourishment acquired from a well balanced meal made with wholesome (but awesome!) ingredients.

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Sweet without Guilt


REVIVE Smoothies by SaladStop! Enjoy our healthy superfood smoothies blends. Refreshing with deliciousness taste. Revive crafted superfood smoothies with only organic ingredients. Packed with vitamin and nutrient, help the intake of fruits and vegetables in your body

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